By Corpo Máquina

As human beings we are not in charge of where we are born and under what circumstances yet it largely determines our life. If we look at life in this way, we might be able to look at each other differently.

With this piece, Corpo Máquina invites us to see the portraits of eight young people. Five dancers and three boys from the street. They sense each other’s perception in front of their audience. Flawlessly, the academically trained dancer bodies and the life-trained young male bodies inform each other about what they carry within them. Heaviness and resilience, embarrassment and curiosity, unrest and courage. Their turbulent histories converge into a longing for freedom and security. Portraits is a crossover between various forms of dance and movement. The performance is a follow-up to ‘.Ball’, in which choreographer Guilherme Miotto worked with freestyle football player Nasser el Jackson and ‘Even Worse’, in which he worked with three b-boys. In Portraits he brings together uninhibited movers and trained performers.

In Dutch theaters from November 2019 – March 2020

Choreography: Guilherme Miotto / Performance: Georgia Begbie, Gaëlle Callewaert, Ismail El Fartazi, Ahmed El Hassani, Juli Van Rooijen, Simone O’Toole & Kelly Vanneste / Music: Justin Wiggan / Dramaturgy: Moos Van Den Pants / Light and set design: Erik Van De Weijdeven / Photography: Ernest Potters / Rehearsal Director: Evangelos Biskas / Technique: Mark Swinkels Production: Corpo Maquina, Dance Brabant, Theater De NWE Vorst + Podium Bloos