By La Trottier Dance & Friends

In EinTanzParcours dancers from La Trottier Dance work together with independent dancers from the freelance scene in Mannheim to transform EinTanzHaus.

With an exciting interplay between dance, light and sound design they lead the public around the outer walls of the church and in through the back doors, while offering new perspectives on the building.

Mannheim, June 2019

By and with Georgia Begbie, Kirill Berezovski, Michelle Cheung, Amelia Eisen, Jonas Frey, Elisabeth Kaul, Miriam Markl, Delphina Parenti, Tamara Pitzer, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Nora Vladiguerov, Tobias Weikamp / Director: Éric Trottier / Choreographic assistance: Evandro Pedroni, Julie Pécard / Music: Peter Hinz, Steffen Dix / Costumes: Melanie Riester / Light design: Stefan Grießhaber Production assistance: Julie Pécard