By Piet Van Dycke

A ‘dummy’ is someone who knows little or nothing about a certain topic. They follow the perfect step-by-step plan to stay in contact with one another. But what if you do everything exactly according to the rules? Does that still count as communication? DUMMIES shows the encounter of two individuals who maintain the same rules and therefore have the same chance to understand or clash with reality. Are we all paving our way through life as a dummy?

Tilburg 2018, as part of Piet Van Dycke’s graduation-project.

Choreography/concept and text: Piet Van Dycke / Dancers: Julia Van Rooijen, Georgia Begbie and Piet Van Dycke / Composition: Aura Bouw & Kiasmos / Coaching: Jonas Vermeulen With thanks to: Pia Meuthen, Zaza Dupont, Lies Van Loock, Britt Lemmens, Herma Tuunter, Stella Vermeulen-Panndorf, Annemarie Pijnappel and Dirk Dumon Photography: Nina van der Heijden