By La Trottier Dance

In the exceptional situation of pandemic-isolation, the question of our identity and our relationship to one another arises in new ways. With ‘(Con) fabulation’ La Trottier Dance explores the narrative of this micro-social development and the relationship between audience and artist. The experimental arrangement on the stage protects both the performer and the audience from one another. It separates them and simultaneously brings them very close together. What does this do to us and to our understanding of what we are seeing or looking at?

How does a time without physical closeness, without haptic sensuality change us? Can we get close to one another through video? Which narratives do we write and which are ascribed to us? 

La Trottier Dance experiments with four performers between and beyond attributions. 

Premiere as part of the theater festival Schwindelfrei on June 2, 2020

Direction & Choreography: Éric Trottier / Dance: Georgia Begbie, Lisa Bless, Laura Börtlein, Franziska Schmitz / Costume: Melanie Riester / Set design: Éric Trottier, Stefan Grießhaber / Music: Peter Hinz, Steffen Dix / Live video: Peter Hinz / Choreographic assistance: Michelle Cheung, Tobias Weikamp / Management & dramaturgy: Susanne Brauer