By La Trottier Dance

In 1,618033 seven dancers move in and out of balance. They move across an unsteady stage, losing grip of their solid ground. Trapped between balance and confusion they find themselves searching for the beauty of imbalance. The irrational number of the golden cut symbolizes the perfect balance. However, it is not a matter of symmetry and equality, but of the relationship between proportions.

What proportion would allow us to live together in peace? What positions would have to be taken in order to bring our society into balance? How much harmony can be found in imbalance? 

The precarious staging forces the dancers to pay full attention to one another and work together in order to find balance. 1,618033 works with fixed structures and patterns, yet still challenges the dancers to deal with change and to be ready to face the new. 

Premiere in Mannheim, November 2018

Director & Choreography: Éric Trottier / Concept & Stage: Daria Holme & Éric Trottier / Dramaturgy: Daria Holme / Performance: Georgia Begbie, Michelle Cheung, Niels Claes, Jonas Frey, Julie Pécard, Evandro Pedroni, Tobias Weikamp / Live Music & Composition: Steffen Dix & Peter Hinz / Video & Lighting Design: Antonio Pipolo & Nicola Pisanti / Costume: Melanie Riester / Technique & Stage: Tom Steyer